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Pinheader Breadboard Adapter

Currently i am testing with a small Prototype Board TUL - TPUART USB light with a Atmel AT 32U4 Controller and a Siemens TP-UART Chip for KNX access.

For expansion, this board has a 9x2 Pinheader which is not directly compatible with a breadboard.

Pinheader Breadboard Problem

After testing a bunch of different solutions, i came up with a small, very fast assembled Adapter from Pinheaders to Breadboards.

This solution is also feasible for a lot of other Breadboard interface needs.

As a first step, prepare the parts:

  • perfboard 9x4 holes
  • 2 Socket Strips 9x1 (or one 9x2)
  • 2 Pinheader 9x1 (upper one already prepared for soldering)

The pins of the 9x1 Pinheader must pe pushed entirely to one side (see the upper one on the photo).

Pinheader Breadboard Parts

For soldering the first solder points it is very helful to fix everything in a breadboard.

Pinheader Breadboard start Soldering

The solder points between the header and the socket are connect while soldering. Pinheader Breadboard Soldering

Mission accomplished.

Pinheader Breadboard Finished

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