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I have bought a FLIR E4 Thermal Camera and Firmware upgraded it to a E8. Very nice Thermal camera. I will use it to test my currently build Reflow Oven, and have some other fun with it (What about IR Skype?).

One nice feature is that you get a standard photo together with the thermal image:

Printer Thermal Image


And BTW my printer is sucking to much energy…

LaborUSB finished

Many prototyping boards these days use USB Connectors as Power Source. For easy powering those devices with my DC Power Supply (or in german “Labornetzteil”) i created a adaptor from 4 mm banana plugs to 4 USB Jacks. Here it is in action: For a complete project description, or if you would like to build your own, see LaborUSB.

Pinheader Breadboard Adapter

Currently i am testing with a small Prototype Board TUL - TPUART USB light with a Atmel AT 32U4 Controller and a Siemens TP-UART Chip for KNX access.

For expansion, this board has a 9x2 Pinheader which is not directly compatible with a breadboard.

Pinheader Breadboard Problem

After testing a bunch of different solutions, i came up with a small, very fast assembled Adapter from Pinheaders to Breadboards.

This solution is also feasible for a lot of other Breadboard interface needs.

USB Logic Analyzer

i needed an Logic Analyzer for testing microcontroller to pheripheral communication. I decided to buy “Logic” from Saleae. It is fast enough for most microcontroller related measurements, very small and it comes with Mac OS X software.

Saleae Logic Analyzer