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Wall outlet with USB plug

Busch Jaeger sells now wall outlets with integrated USB plugs for charging up your iPhone or every other USB device. The only disadvantage is that the depth of the cover is not the same as a “standard” wall outlet, so you can not mix them.

Testbed for KNX devices

For creating my RoomSensor i have build a testbed for KNX Devices. KNX testbed

It consists of:

  • MDT 160 mA KNX power supply
  • eibmarkt USB to KNX interface
  • Busch Jaeger
  • ABB 4
  • TPUART2 Evaluationboard

eibd and Mac OS X

At the moment i am testing if a swap of my current GNU/Linux server running Ubuntu to an Mac Mini with an external RAID and Mac OS X is possible. For that i have created an eibd for connecting with my Home Automation KNX bus.

For a discussion about compiling the eibd on Mac OS X see (in german language) knx-user-forum.de.