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Thermal Image MacBook Pro

We had a Thermal Image Photosession for our home last week. I have also made an Thermal Image of my Macbook Pro. Now i know, why my legs feel hot while working with my Mac ;). The Power Supply is getting hot too… The colors are not scaled to the same temperatures (see the temperature bar at the bottom with min and max temperature). If you need aditional informations about Thermal Images or other Measurements for your home, see (in german language) http://www.

eibd and Mac OS X

At the moment i am testing if a swap of my current GNU/Linux server running Ubuntu to an Mac Mini with an external RAID and Mac OS X is possible. For that i have created an eibd for connecting with my Home Automation KNX bus.

For a discussion about compiling the eibd on Mac OS X see (in german language) knx-user-forum.de.

MP3FS on Mac OS X with MacFUSE now Xcode 3 compatible

The original patch for mp3fs was made with the beta of Xcode 3.1 (because i am playing with my iPhone). The patch now works with Xcode 3.0. Get the new patch for Xcode 3.0 here. This is the crucial difference: < + compatibilityVersion = "Xcode 3.0"; --- > + compatibilityVersion = "Xcode 3.1";

MP3FS on Mac OS X with MacFUSE

My music collection is stored in the FLAC format (see http://flac.sf.net), but iTunes for my iPhone is not able to read FLAC-Files. So i decided to give MP3FS a try on my Mac.

  1. Install the MacFUSE dmg 1.3.1 from http://code.google.com/p/macfuse/ (the MacPorts Port is a little bit outdated at the moment).
  2. Install libflac, liblame and id3tag from MacPorts (sudo /opt/local/bin/port install lame flac libid3tag).
  3. Download and unpack the mp3fs-0.12.tar.gz from http://mp3fs.sourceforge.net/.
  4. Change Directory to mp3fs-0.12 and install my small patch (Upgrades to Interface Version 26, changes the includes for statfs and provides an Xcode project) with:
patch -p1 < ../patch-mp3fs-012

(diff was created with:

diff -ruN mp3fs-0.12.org mp3fs > patch-mp3fs-012
  1. Start the Xcode project and compile.
  2. If everything worked, mount your mp3fs and enjoy.