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Many prototyping boards these days use USB Connectors as Power Source. For easy powering those devices with my DC Power Supply (or in german “Labornetzteil”) i created a adaptor from 4 mm banana plugs to 4 USB Jacks.

Additional benefit is that all types of iThings can be loaded with the Adaptor. The necessary research for loading Apple devices was done by Adafruit, see their page about icharging.

The device in action:

Usage of LaborUSB

Find all the files necessary to build your own on GitHub.

I have a few boards available, if you like to build your own, contact me.



Inside our new home we have an KNX http://www.knx.org automation bus. I have not found an nice looking “RoomSensor” which has the following sensor equipment:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • brightness
  • passive infrared motion (PIR)
  • smoke detector
  • CO2


Overview Wordclock is my personal implementation of QLOCKTWO. Case The case drawings can be downloaded (and also changed) in Onshape


My cmake files for use the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain (gcc/g++) and the mbed libraries together.

Everything is tested on Mac OS X at the moment only with the LPC1768 mbed devices. As soon as i get other devices, i will integrate the other processors and vendors too. If you like too have additional targets added you can either send:

  • a pull request with the needed addition
  • a board, i will add support as soon as possible