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My cmake files for use the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain (gcc/g++) and the mbed libraries together.

Everything is tested on Mac OS X at the moment only with the LPC1768 mbed devices. As soon as i get other devices, i will integrate the other processors and vendors too. If you like too have additional targets added you can either send:

  • a pull request with the needed addition
  • a board, i will add support as soon as possible

Install the gcc-arm toolchain

tar zxvf ~/Downloads/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2013q4-20131218-mac.tar.bz2
  • Create a symbolic link, so it is easy to switch between different toolchain versions
ln -s gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2013q4/ gcc-arm
  • Add the gcc-arm-toolset to your path
export PATH=/opt/local/gcc-arm/bin:$PATH

Get and build mbed libraries

  • Clone the mbed libraries to /opt/local
git clone https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed.git
  • Build the needed mbed (depending on your board and your compiler) libs with
python ./workspace_tools/build.py -r -e -u -d -m LPC1768 -t GCC_ARM
python ./workspace_tools/build.py -u -d -m LPC11U24 -t GCC_ARM

I always build for some other targets too (to see how the path settings differ for creating useful variables).

python ./workspace_tools/build.py -r -d -m RBLAB_NRF51822 -t GCC_ARM
python ./workspace_tools/build.py -r -e -u -d -m K64F -t GCC_ARM
  • Run the mbed tests, you have to choose the correct settings for the Volume and the serial port
python ./workspace_tools/make.py -c -v -m LPC1768 -t GCC_ARM -d /Volumes/MBED -s /dev/cu.usbmodem1442 -p 0

Test if mbed-cmake works for you

  • Get a clone of cmake-mbed
git clone https://github.com/uwearzt/mbed-cmake.git
  • Build the blinking LEDexample with cmake. If you have installed the gcc-arm or the mbed libs to another directory, you have to set the path to them inside arm_mbed.cmake.
cd build
cmake ..
make upload
make sercon

and you should have a blinking LED and a serial console with some up counting lines.

Integrate into your own project

The best way to integrate cmake-mbed is to use it as a git submodule. In your project repository do

git submodule add https://github.com/uwearzt/mbed-cmake.git mbed-cmake
git submodule init
git add .gitmodules mbed-cmake
cp mbed-cmake/CMakeLists.txt .

and do the necessary changes in the CMakeLists.txt. With cmake ist is always a good idea to create a build directory as a subfolder and do out-of-tree builds. The best way to ignore all the intermediate files is a .gitignore with * inside the build folder.

mkdir build
echo "*" > build/.gitignore
git add -f build/.gitignore