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Commandline Quick Tips

Here is a collection of Commandline Quick Tips, i use often. It will be supplemented, every time i find a new Tip. Normally this tips work flawless on Linux and Mac OS X.

screen keyboard commands

running session

key mapping
ctrl+a d detach from screen session
ctrl+a n next screen
ctrl+a p previous screen
ctrl+a c create screen
ctrl+a “ list screens
ctrl+a i info
ctrl+a k kill
ctrl+a A rename
ctrl+a ESC activate scroll back buffer


key mapping
-S [name] start session with [name]
-list list all sessions
-r [name] reattach session [name]
-D -r [name] reattach session [name] after connection lost
-D -r [name] reattach session [name] after connection lost
/dev/cu.serial [speed] attach to serial port

git commands

often i use Tower on my Mac for all kinds of git stuff. But some things are faster to do on the commandline, or need to be automated i.e. inside Makefiles.

git clean -f -d remove all untracked files and directories
git log –oneline –graph –color –all –decorate nice commandline commit graph

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