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Mac OS X Software

Here is an overview of software i use on my Mac(s). I also collect some additional informations about the software i use here. Feel free to ask questions about that software…


Name Description
PathFinder The best finder replacement available.
iStat Menus See what you Mac is doing inside the status bar.
Size Up Window Managment with the Keyboard. Really useful.
Alfred Start Applications and search with the Keyboard.
CheatSheet Learn new command keys all the time you use a app.
Locker Lock your mac with a single click/key combination.
Chipmunk Forbis your Mac to sleep fo a while. Very helpluf for presentations.
Caffeine If you have duplicate files (you have, believe me), Chipmunk will delete them.
Lingon Create and Edit plist Files for launchctrl daemon.


Name Description
MacVim Simply the best Editor of the world, here with aqua interface.
Tower Sometimes the git command is not the best way. Use Tower instead.


Name Description
iRhino Rhinoceros 3D for the Mac. Currently in beta.
OmniGraffle Diagrams made easy (includes Visio Im/Export).
Pixelmator If Photoshop is to expensive/complex.


Name Description
Little Snitch See and forbid programm to call home. Outgoing Firewall with a bunch of options.
Jollys FastVNC Faster and with more features than the Mac VNC client.
Garage Sale Create Auctions on ebay.
Colloquy IRC Chat client.
Cocoa Packet Analyzer not as feature rich as Wireshark, but with a Cocoa Interface.
csshx A must have if you are creating/installing/using multi server software.


Name Description
SuperSync Sync iTunes Librarys between different Mac and Windows Computers.
Tune Instructor Move the Artwork inside the tracks, find and save lyrics.
Handbrake Recode your Videos to fit on your iPhone/Ipad/Whatever.

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