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eibd and Mac OS X

At the moment i am testing if a swap of my current GNU/Linux server running Ubuntu to an Mac Mini with an external RAID and Mac OS X is possible. For that i have created an eibd for connecting with my Home Automation KNX bus.

For a discussion about compiling the eibd on Mac OS X see (in german language) knx-user-forum.de.

Here a short description how it can be compiled:

  1. Download pthsem and bcusdk. You can use the version i used: pthsem, bcusdk.
  2. Unpack both tarfiles (Attention, they both unpack to the same directory name. So, rename the first and unpack the second).
  3. Step into the pthsem directory and
./configure --prefix=/opt/knx
sudo make install
  1. Step into the bcusdk directory and
aclocal -I m4 -I /opt/knx/share/aclocal
automake -a --foreign
./configure --enable-onlyeibd --enable-eibnetip --enable-eibnetiptunnel \
  --enable-eibnetipserver --prefix=/opt/knx --with-pth=/opt/knx
sudo make install
  1. Set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to /opt/knx/lib

  2. Now you are ready to run (and the files should be built in the same way as in the provided tar).

You can also download my prebuilt binaries as tar. Unpack it, set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and you can run the eibd directly. When i decide to run an Mac OS X Server in the future, i will built an MacPorts package.

Starting and using eibd

Start the eibd with the command (this is the "standard" multicast address for KNX routers):

/opt/knx/bin/eibd -i -d ip:

Switch a light with (if the groupaddress 0/1/3 is associated with a light):

/opt/knx/bin/groupswrite ip:localhost 0/1/3 1

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