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Parallela on supercomputer.io

Parallela has started a distributed Supercomputer on supercomputer.io with their parallela chips. I decided to put my two Kickstarter Parallelas inside a cooling case and let them participate.

Running Parallelas

Redrawn Bicycle Parts in Onshape

Recently i stumbled over the Online CAD Onshape. I immediately fell in love, because it is browser based (so it can easily be used on Macs and Linux) and it is free for public models (and a small number of private models too). It is a parametric CAD tool, so it is more in the Solidworks range than in the Rhino3D area.

After some testing, i decided to redraw some existing parts, to spot differences how i develop parts with my Rhino3D package.

To summarize everything up: I love it, i will use it in the future and it gives me a perfect Reason for buying a iMac Retina and a iPad Pro.

Here screenshots from the two models which you can also access online. As a downside you have to create a (free) account first, there is no way for i.e. embedding the model in my website at the moment.


Example project for Swift C Interop

I started to learn Swift 2.0, an how to integrate with C. Therefore i have created a small Swift-C Interoperabilty project, which can be found on github.

As soon as i will start to wrap some C/C++ Libs, more examples will be added.

There was also a nice Swift compiler crash, which you can test with your environment too, just clone my github project, uncomment the line leading to the compiler crash and comment the correct line.

Changed to static Website with hugo

I had a Wordpress installation till now. But Wordpress has some disadvantages:

  • you need a Database instance, it is not easy to have a failover if you have two servers a t different hosting providers
  • there are a lot of security upgrades
  • It uses a lot of CPU power (compared with static pages)
  • No chance to track changes in git

So i decided to change it to a static generated Page back again. I tested a bunch of Website generators, and that is what i am using now:

iOS GnuPG Clients

On my Mac i already use GnuPG a lot (basically all my messages are signed, and some of them encrypted). But because nowadays i do a good amount of work on my iPad an iPhone, is had to search for a GnuPG solution on iOS too.


Name Price
iPGMail Icon iPGMail 1,79 EUR
oPenGP Icon oPenGP 4,49 EUR
Secumail Icon Secumail 44,99 EUR
NouveauPG Icon NouveauPG 2,69 EUR

All programs where tested on iOS 8.1.2 with a iPhone 6 and a iPad Mini Retina. All programs except NouveauPG are Universal Apps and optimized for different screen sizes.