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Parallela on supercomputer.io

Parallela has started a distributed Supercomputer on supercomputer.io with their parallela chips. I decided to put my two Kickstarter Parallelas inside a cooling case and let them participate.

Running Parallelas

Redrawn Bicycle Parts in Onshape

Recently i stumbled over the Online CAD Onshape. I immediately fell in love, because it is browser based (so it can easily be used on Macs and Linux) and it is free for public models (and a small number of private models too). It is a parametric CAD tool, so it is more in the Solidworks range than in the Rhino3D area.

After some testing, i decided to redraw some existing parts, to spot differences how i develop parts with my Rhino3D package.

To summarize everything up: I love it, i will use it in the future and it gives me a perfect Reason for buying a iMac Retina and a iPad Pro.

Here screenshots from the two models which you can also access online. As a downside you have to create a (free) account first, there is no way for i.e. embedding the model in my website at the moment.


Changed to static Website with hugo

I had a Wordpress installation till now. But Wordpress has some disadvantages:

  • you need a Database instance, it is not easy to have a failover if you have two servers a t different hosting providers
  • there are a lot of security upgrades
  • It uses a lot of CPU power (compared with static pages)
  • No chance to track changes in git

So i decided to change it to a static generated Page back again. I tested a bunch of Website generators, and that is what i am using now:

Telekom DSL with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

These days i exchanged my aging FritzBox with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. Most of the configuration including IPsec is pretty straightforward. The only thing which took a little bit more time is the “Zwangstrennung” (daily shutdown) of the PPPoE connection from my provider. I do the daily reconnect for my connection at 4 am every day. To achieve that, a script and a daily call from cron is needed. Here is a article from the Ubiquiti Forum which helped a lot.

Parallella Boards

I’ve got my two Parallela Boards from the Parallella Kickstarter Campaign. So far i have only installed Ubuntu on the two boards and run some sample programs. Looks like they have quite impressive performance.


I have bought a FLIR E4 Thermal Camera and Firmware upgraded it to a E8. Very nice Thermal camera. I will use it to test my currently build Reflow Oven, and have some other fun with it (What about IR Skype?).

One nice feature is that you get a standard photo together with the thermal image:

Printer Thermal Image


And BTW my printer is sucking to much energy…

Durovis Dive and iPhone

I have built a Durovis Dive to test if it works with a iPhone 5 too.

It is a not complete 3D print, instead i used the laser cut parts Lasercut Opendive from Fablab Nürnberg.

The iPhone 5 fits perfect: Durovis Dive

Olympus SZ4045TR Stereo Microscope

Recently i have bought a Olympus SZ4045TR Stereo Microscope. I will use it for all kind of electronics SMD stuff.

But because our goddaughter visited us last week, the first things under the microscope where a small spider, a dead fly and some flower parts, but see yourself…





git commits with different EMail addresses

If you do (like me) a lot of git clones for different branches etc on a lot of different projects, the chances are high, that you want to have different EMails for checkins. You can update the local .git/config file for every clone, but that is a error prone process. I have written an alias for git, which sets the GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variable according to the setting of the remote origin for the git repo.

Lamp brackets for my cyclocross bicycle

Update The drawings are now available online, see my blogpost. Update

My new cyclocross bicycle needed lighting, because it is used everyday for my way to work. It is equipped with a hub dynamo but does not have mounting holes for lights.

Because i did not find anything useful, i created my own lamp brackets.

Front bracket mouted

Back bracket mouted

Application Icon for HomeControl App

After a long break, i restarted the creation of my HomeControl Application today. The first thing i have done is a Icon for the iPhone and iPad Application. Basically this is a rendering of the paper model of our home and needs additional work… but it is a start.

Heating with worldcommunitygrid.org

At the moment the outside temperatures in Germany are below -10 C. Therefore our passive house needs some additional heating. Instead of using a fan heater i have started No embedded frames possible in your browser on my server. This gives some additional heating inside. In the near future the start/stop of the BOINC client will be automated from our venting system.

House Construction Webcam

Today i mounted the webcam which will capture the contruction of our house. It is planned to generate a fast motion video about the construction.